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Makeup test for New 52 Ivy!

The first throw together of Ivy from the new 52. Using an exisiting wig but I want to create a whole new one for her. Im sourcing the materials for the bodysuit at the moment but i cant do anything until pay day!

Doctor Pamela Isley cosplay (aka poison ivy) - 75% done! I am already in love with this one.

Need a proper tie and a lab coat and shes ready for Glasgow expo!

Cammy White - London Expo 2014 

Photographer - Iain Boulton
Model/Cosplayer - Evee Eleven

'Drop of a hat she's as willing as,

Playful as a pussy cat,

Then momentarily out of action,

Temporarily out of gas,

To absolutely drive you wild, wild,

She’s out to get you.’

A recent dark set by David Shrubb. All of my fantastic makeup by Nicola Archbold.


Hey guys! It’s been a little while since I talked cosplay so I thought I’d let you in on some of the plans I have for this year. As I made quite a few at the beginning of the year, im going to limit myself to these four as a permanent plan for 2014. I have plans for next year, but these may jigger around depending on what events I go to! I’m going for a mix, with two costumes being easy, and three being a challenge.

'BIG' Costumes

- Sylvanas Windrunner, World of Warcraft

- Ryuk, Death Note

- Darth Talon, Star Wars

'Smaller' Costumes

- Tank Girl

- ‘DC Bombshells’ Wonder Woman

Before I can start any of these I’m going to be giving a revamp to my older costumes, including Rogue, Arkham Poison Ivy and Cammy!

Looking forward to the months ahead - Excited!

So I cross my heart, and I hope to die,

that I’ll only stay with you one more night

And I know I said it a million times 

But I’ll only stay with you one more night’

Two of the Boudoir photos from my shoot with David Shrubb. This was meant to be a tea break but Dave couldn’t help but snap away! 

Anime Convention Wedding - Bride and Groom Interview →



So Team Neko’s own Zelly and XtremeCaffeine were interviewed regarding their wedding ceremony which was conducted at Kitacon - check it out for the inside story!

So yeah, We got interviewed about our Kitacon Wedding by the lovely Becca of League of Extraordinary Cosplays

I was lucky enough to draw the arts for these guys and attend their beautiful ceremoney!

Source : teamneko


Some more updates on my Arkham Knight Harley Quinn costume. Im so pleased with how its looking, Im working SO hard on it and I literally cant wait until the day I wear it and get to show it off :D

This girl is one of my favorite Harley Quinn cosplayers ever - she gets Harley’s personality down perfectly and just look at that gorgeous costume! I’m so glad to be working with her on the convention scene in the future - one of the best friends I’ve ever had <3  

Source : lozziepants
'You Beautiful Sinner
I love your wicked heart
Beautiful Sinner
It&#8217;s such a work of art&#8217;
MUA/Model - Evee Eleven
Photography by Dave Shrubb - www.daveshrubb.com

'You Beautiful Sinner

I love your wicked heart

Beautiful Sinner

It’s such a work of art’

MUA/Model - Evee Eleven

Photography by Dave Shrubb - www.daveshrubb.com

Who's one character you've always wanted to cosplay, but haven't yet?

Gosh that is quite a question for me. I have a list! I cosplay characters I have a connection to or I feel fits my body shape pretty well (Being 6ft 3, taller characters suit me better!).

With that in mind I would simply LOVE to cosplay Bayonetta, Cersei from Game of Thrones and most recently Tank girl. Though my ultimate cosplay has to be Pan from Pan’s labyrinth!